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You made a choice to buy a home with a pool or to build one yourself because you wanted to provide something special for your family. We want you to know that, like you,  we see more than just hole full of water in your yard. We see a taste of paradise; filled with some of the most enduring memories of your life.
But we also know that sometimes pool ownership is not as wonderful as we envisioned when we decided to become pool owners. For most owners the reality of running chemical tests, handling harsh chemicals, and dealing with electrical issues is not their idea of paradise.
Those frustrations are not the most rewarding way for you to enjoy your pool. Clear Katy Pools wants to help you live the vision you had in your mind the first-time you slipped into your pool.
Our goal is to have you think about your pool only when you want to be thinking about it. If all you want to know is if it the water is warm enough for swimming, we will happily take care of the rest. If you want to know every chemical in your pool and the model number of every component of your equipment, we love to inform and educate our customers. Whatever your dream of pool-ownership is, Clear Katy Pools want to help you make it come true.

Our Promises to You


We will always treat you with honesty and respect.

Stay in Touch

During regular business hours, we will respond to all voice mails within two hours.

Background Checks

We will run background checks and screen our representatives as thoroughly as the law allows.


We will never be under the influence of alcohol or drugs and/or using any form of tobacco while on your property. We will never use profanity or any other form of coarse language in your presence.


We will leave notification whenever we are on your property when you are not present.


All of our trucks and representatives will be easily identifiable with proper signage and/or uniforms.