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Acid Washing

No pool plaster lasts forever. Even with the best of care, over time your plaster will become discolored and stained. An acid wash is one of the best and most cost effective ways to restore the beauty of your pool. The process involves draining the pool and brushing a diluted acid solution over the entire pool surface. The acid removes a thin layer of plaster and in so doing lifts most of the visible staining from the pool. We can usually complete the job in one day. Our price includes all the chemicals needed to complete the acid wash and restore proper chemical levels after your pool is refilled.

Price: $685.00 + tax
Additional Coats of Acid: $125 + tax
*Pools larger than 35,000 gallons may be subject to additional fees.

Restore the Beauty of Your Pool

Find premium acid washing services in the Katy & Cypress, TX area

Its recommended that every 5-7 years, pool owners arrange for acid washing services. Over time, the floor and sides of your pool can get bleached and stained by constant exposure to chemicals. If you want to restore your pool to optimum condition, consider the benefits of acid washing for pools.

When you call on Clear Katy Pools, Inc. to clean your pool, here's how we'll proceed:

  • First, your pool will be drained and cleaned
  • Next, we'll replace the pressure relief valve
  • Then, we'll scrub everything down with a dilute acid solution
  • After that, we'll acid wash the sides and neutralize the acid solution
  • Finally, we will pump out the water and rinse it once more to make sure everything's thoroughly clean

Call on our dedicated team for thorough acid washing services in the Katy & Cypress, TX area.

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