chemical services for inground pools

Chemical Service

For the right pool and/or the right owner, a Chemical Service Plan can be a great option. Our chemical service takes care of the most challenging and potentially toxic part of pool care. Pool chemicals are expensive. Many of them are toxic and can easily be harmful harm your family and pets. Let us keep an eye on the chemical levels in your pool, so you can enjoy it safely.

Basic Chemical Service: $67.50 + tax/month (24 visits/year)

Bronze Chemical Service: $90.00 + tax/month (48 visits/year)

Our chemical service plans include the following:

Testing Water Chemistry
Balancing Water Chemistry
Empty Skimmer and Pump Baskets
Visual Inspection of Pool Chemicals
Spot Brushing of Pool Walls

Manage the Chemicals in Your In-Ground Pool

Find reliable pool chemical services in Katy & Cypress, TX

At Clear Katy Pools, Inc., our goal is to keep your pool water sparkling clean, clear and safe, so your whole family can enjoy splashing around without worrying about chemical imbalance issues. No one wants to get a chemical burn while swimming. Keep your pool water safe for swimming by hiring our team.

We offer comprehensive pool chemical services. Choose our basic or our bronze pool chemical services plan. Each plan includes water inspection, testing and balancing. Call us today for details. No other pool service in the Katy & Cypress, TX area has more expertise on providing chemical services for inground pools.