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Pool Inspections

Are you buying a house with a pool? We keep a certified pool inspector on staff. Let us help you begin your life with your pool with confidence. Just give us a call and we'll get you started.

Prices start at $125.00 + tax

Buying a House With a Pool?

We handle pool inspections in Katy & Cypress, TX

Completing a pool inspection when buying a home is just as important as a home inspection. You want to make sure that your pool, just like your house, is safe and functional for you and your family. Turn to Clear Katy Pools, Inc. for a complete pool inspection.

Here is some important information to keep in mind when it comes to pool inspections:

  • Hire a professional pool inspection. We have an NSPF-certified pool inspector on staff.
  • A pool inspection works like a home inspection. The goal is to verify that your new pool is safe to use.
  • The pool inspector checks the safety and conditions of the pool, equipment and surrounding area.

Hire us for professional pool inspections in Katy & Cypress, TX.

We care about your pool

Swimming pool care starts with a professional pool inspection. Not only can it cause safety issues if you buy and use a pool without an inspection, but it can also lead to major issues that can be very costly and time-consuming down the road.

You wouldn't skip a home inspection-so don't skip a pool inspection. We help you start the pool owner process with confidence. Learn how you can start your swimming pool care process by giving Clear Katy Pools a call today.