pool tile cleaning

Tile Cleaning, Stone Sealing, Pressure Washing

We also offer a variety of services for your pool above the waterline that can refresh the look of your pool. We can remove that ugly line of calcium deposit on your pool tile. We seal your flaking flagstone. And we can clean your pool decking area. If you have a need around your pool, give us call and we'll put together a custom quote for you.

Arrange for pool tile cleaning, stone sealing and pressure washing in Katy & Cypress, TX

If you want your pool to stay clean and appealing for years to come, you'll need a little extra maintenance. That's why Clear Katy Pools, Inc. provides pool tile cleaning, stone sealing and pressure washing services in Katy & Cypress, TX.

We do our best to be available to you when you need us. That's why our owner gives out his personal phone number to every client. When you need pool pressure washing or stone sealing, we'll be there to help.

Call 713-855-7440 now to find out more about proper pool care.

Give your pool some TLC

Each of our services is important to maintaining a clean, long-lasting pool. You'll want to get:

  • Pool tile cleaning to remove calcium deposits which can affect water quality and pool appearance
  • Pool stone sealing to protect your pool from cracking and make your pool deck last longer
  • Pool pressure washing to remove built-up dirt and grime to keep your pool and water clean

Extending the life of your pool is easy when you know how to maintain it. Hire our team for pool care in Katy & Cypress, TX today.