vacation pool maintenance

Vacation Services

Heading out town for a while? We'll be glad to take care of your pool while you are gone. Our rates include all basic chemicals needed and assume your pool is already in good condition before you leave.

1 Week: $75.00 + tax
2+ Weeks: $55.00 + tax/week

Do you need pool care while you're on vacation?

You might think that a week-long trip won't make a difference to your pool, but that's often not the case. Without the proper care, your pool can become murky and chemically imbalanced. Pool care while on vacation is important.

When you hire us for vacation pool maintenance, we'll:

  • Test your water's chemical and pH levels
  • Keep your filter and pump running so water can circulate
  • Make sure your equipment doesn't break

Schedule vacation pool maintenance in Katy & Cypress, TX today.

Protect your pool

Routine pool care is essential to extending the life of your pool. Leaving for a few weeks without arranging for pool care while on vacation can have a bigger impact than you may realize. If you plan to leave for a month or longer, experts recommend winterizing your pool. This can protect your pool from long-term damage.

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